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Working Extra Time 2

I was hardly breathing and could hardly ask him "sir, please, it's enough. I lose my control, show me everything in the next pic."

He asked me to be more patient, and opened the next file.

She was totally nude in this file, but covering her pussy by both hands, and her arms surrounded her big tits from two sides, thus squeezing the breasts from two sides.

My cock started to ache and I badly wanted to unload my balls. It was first time in my life that I thought I was going to explode. And I told my boss that I still didn't see the tits in their natural situation and I was dying to see them so.

The next picture he opened satisfied my need and she was seated on a sofa, both tits left totally free, but still covering her crotch with one hand.

Her tits were drooping down freely, till a few inches distance to her belly button. She had a very interesting body, she was a definite hour glass shape with a thin belly and smooth tummy, but her tits were incredibly large to hang down almost to her belly. But her nipples were still able to point the opposite direction and this was better than pointing the floor.

The next file showed her from the side while she was bending over. This made her large boobs totally hanging and almost touching the sofa she was on. This was really great. Then I started begging my boss to show her in full nude.

Then he opened the next file that finished my patience. In this last one, she was lying on her back, but supporting herself on her elbows. Her two large breasts were slid down to both sides, so she had a flat chest while the soft tit flesh were accumulated at the sides.

Her feet in the high heel sandals were on the sofa, as wide as possible. And she was wearing no panties, and hands were out of her body.

Her pussy was directly looking at me. She shaved her pussy totally and there were no single hair on it. This baldness made everything more visible, and I could see her lips and the large clitoris easily.

I was fully concentrated on this picture and did not notice that my boss printed out the picture and gave it to me.

He asked me to ease my blue balls now. I jerked off looking at her pussy and the large tits and came over her picture in a few seconds.

He also jerked on another print out of the same picture and squirted his semen all over it.

I didn't know what to say for minutes, until he asked me to go to the bathroom and take a shower.

Just when I was entering the bathroom, I heard him saying "you can smell those white underwear, she has just left them over and they are not washed yet"

Then he told me that he was going to arrange a live show of his wife to me, her without being informed of course, but I should keep my mouth and not imply anything about this even to him later.

I promised and started to dream the live show immediately...
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